HeadSet Sports - Episode 4 - Interview with Clint Malarchuk ” March 17, 2020

HeadSet Sports

March 17, 2020

This is an incredible interview with the "Bo Jackson" of the National Hockey League. The first NHL player to go pro in two sports at once! As amazing of an athlete is ... he is even more of an amazing human being! Clint shares with us the story of his famous career, the "accident" that scared the world and almost cost him his life, his battles with addiction, his life-long struggles with mental illness, and now the AMAZING work he is doing as a guest speaker and author. Clint shares with all those he comes into contact with the journey he calls "Life"!

Clint Malarchuk played 11 season in the NHL and won more games than he lost. But his true achievements in life have come from his incredible acts of resilience and how he has been able to inspire so many people, simply by sharing his story. Talking to Clint, is like "Chicken Soup" for the Soul. His life journey is one that Academy Award winning movies are based upon.

For all of listeners - check-our Clint's Ted Talks, Presentations, and Books (The Crazy Game and A Matter of Inches). Each of these provide an incredible look into Clint Malarchuk's life, while also uplifting one's soul (www.Malarchuk.com). Today, Clint spends much of his time sharing his story and trying to help inspire others who are dealing with some form of mental illness.


InGoal Radio

This week on InGoal Radio presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports, featured guest Clint Malarchuk talks to Kevin and David on the 30th anniversary of his horrific accident in Buffalo. Now an important mental health advocate, Malarchuk is so much more – he’s full of incredible stories from his NHL career as both a goaltender and a goalie coach. It was a fantastic interview and without doubt it will not be the last time we speak with Clint. This is both an important interview and an extremely entertaining one.


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